How to pick the perfect lipstick

How to pick the perfect lipstick

I have never really been a lipstick person until a few years ago as you wouldn’t have seen me out with any kind of lipstick on (I only ever used chap stick) I just thought no colour suited my skin tone, but that all changed when I decided that I’ll just go for it and buy a neutral colour. 

The very next day I decided to wear it and I’m so glad I did as I got so many compliments that day (It was so good.!) even my partner thought I looked good.! ( That’s a bonus especially coming from him.)  So ever since that day I have been wearing lipstick on a regular basis.

I have done a bit of research and have put together this list to help you pick out which lipstick suits your skin tone, so next time your standing in the makeup aisle it wont take twice as long to choose the perfect colour.

Lipstick comes in different formula’s that can really impact your look. Also the condition of your lips can play a major role on how you lipstick applies. 



Very on trend at the moment, and can look bold and beautiful. If you have dry, flaky lips the colour will go in all the cracks and lines on your lips, and that’s not a nice look. Matte lipsticks are also known to be very drying on the lips. 

matte lips


The perfect choice for dry lips, will help your dry lips to feel soft and even a little plumper and will be so much more comfortable on the lips.

gloss lips


This kind of lipstick will stay on for hours and will survive a whole day, even drinking and eating. So if you don’t like to re apply this is the lipstick for you.

long lasting


These lipsticks have a glittery finish and light-reflecting properties, probably more suitable for a night on the town with your girlfriends.

shimmer lips


Whenever applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick as it will on and look fabulous. 



Fair skin looks the best with red, red with pink undertones, magenta and blue-toned pinks. Fair skin often has a hard time wearing a nude lip. NOTE: colours tend to look brighter on paler skin tones.

fair skin


Medium to colour skin looks best with true pinks, cranberries, brick-red and classic nudes.

medium skin


Dark skin often is best suited for reds with burgundy or brown, dark beige, orange-toned reds and pinks.

dark skin

I really hope this information was useful. Please tell me what kind of lipsticks do you like in the comments below.

Hope everyone has an awesome day. 🙂 


Kathryn x








  • athomewithnich

    Thank you for writing about lipsticks. I have to say I’m not really a lipstick person, but from time to time and people do seem to notice more. I have a question though. I like to wear eyeshadow, all different colours, I usually like to pick out colours of the clothes I am wearing for inspiration. I have this mindset that if I have eyeshadow on I can’t wear a lipstick, for me it feels like it is too much. Have you got any suggestions on how I could make lipstick and eyeshadow work together? I have fair skin, blue eyes and brown hair by the way.

  • Katherine

    Easy to understand breakdown. The colors by tone suggestions are also understandable. I’ve personally brought most but there’s two colors I haven’t tried I’ll be looking into. Btw matte is my go to lipstick but now I’ll be including long lasting in my next makeup search. Ahhh if you know of any good long lasting brands let me know. I’ve already found my go to for matte.

  • Debbie | Travel + Podcast

    Love this because I am always smearing my lipstick and it never lasts until the end of the day. Great tips! Thanks so much!

  • Minakshi bajpai

    Really very informative post about choosing right lip shades according to your skin shade. Very nicely you explained with different lip shades. Thanks for sharing, this will help many.

  • Angel Johnson

    Lipstick is something that takes a lot of time to figure out what works for you. I am still trying to figure out the colors that work for my skin tone as I am very fair. A lot of colors do work on my skin tone, fortunately!

  • Jane

    I love how you explained this, so helpful. I hate reapplying lipstick every now and then I think I should find the long-lasting one. Plus I am a dark skinned and I have been struggling when it comes to choosing color, Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

  • Mar Alvarado

    This is really helpful! Most people don’t know how helpful lip scrubs are, but this post should definitely help those who are new in the make up world : ) well done! Please feel free to check my blog, too!

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