5 common foundation mistakes we all make and how to avoid them



Hello to all my wonderful readers.!! Hope you are doing well since my last blog post.? As always I’m always so busy and never have time to do anything, but cooking, cleaning picking up after everyone then I have to do it all again the next day. AHHH But I would change it for the world. Well enough about me. So without any further ado let’s get on with this blog post hey.!!

When you wear makeup, the most important product you’re applying to your face is foundation. If it’s not applied correctly, it can ruin your entire look. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes most of us make when it comes to foundation. The good thing is, I have the lowdown on how to fix some of them. So you’re always putting a natural, but flawless face forward.



Foundation, mismatched is the most unflattering, unnatural look you could go for and everyone will know you are wearing makeup. Always test your foundation directly on your skin before buying. if possible, have a staff member at the beauty counter help you pick the correct shade. Test the foundation on your face, preferably on your cheek or along your jaw line and blend the foundation into your skin. Properly matched foundation should disappear into your skin after blending. To be really sure, cheek your foundation in natural or bright light and always blend the foundation down into the neck.



Moisturizing your skin is very essential, even for oily skin types. Moisturizer creates a smooth, hydrated canvas for your foundation to lay on and can often help your foundation adhere better and even last longer. Unmoisturized skin can lead your foundation to go on unevenly and make it prone to cling to the dry patches, if you have them. Your skin can also absorb some of the moisture out of your foundation during the day, causing it to look patchy by the end of the day. Find the right moisturizer for your skin type and make sure you apply it before your foundation.



With makeup application, it’s important to remember the less is often more. My goal when wearing foundation is to find a formula that allows my skin to look like skin, only better.  always start with a thin layer of foundation; you can always add more if you feel that you really need it, but it is very difficult to blend out foundation if you have put way too much. Over-applied foundation can look cakey or heavy rather than natural. Start applying foundation to the T-zone/ centre of the face ( which normally requires more coverage) and then begin blending and working outwards. Starting with a thin layer will allow you to easily determine if there are some areas where you require more coverage than others.



There are tons of primers on the market that promise to make your foundation last longer, minimize the look of pores and gives you a flawless complexion, but they aren’t for everyone. Even some celebrity makeup artists opt to skip primer for a good base moisturizer. I personally use a primer as I have dry skin and it works for me, it also makes my foundation look better and lasts longer.



This one is bad, but surprisingly common. When you apply concealer under your foundation, you’re basically wasting it since you’ll blend it all away. So remember to always apply your foundation first, then concealer. And don’t even deal with concealer if you don’t really need it.


Well there you have it 5 common foundation mistakes that we all make, but hopefully you wont make them anymore. Please let me know in the comments below if you even made any of these foundation mistakes. I know I have.

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