5 Celebrity Beauty Hacks

Hi. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day like myself. It’s starting to warm up where I live. (Australia) I love the warm weather, I’m just so much more active in the warmer weather. Is anybody the same.? 

 This Tuesday I will be posting 5 celebrity beauty hacks for 4 weeks. So if you are interested in what beauty hacks the celebrities are using keep on reading. 


chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen puts her eye cream in the freezer, before applying it in the morning having it chilled makes a massive difference, it really refreshes and wakes up the under eye area.


gigi hadid

Gigi Hadid Uses a mascara wand to exfoliate her lips, with a sugar scrub. It leave you lips looking soft and fabulous.


jesinta campbell.jpg

Jacinta Campbell swears by coconut oil, she uses it on her body, hair and even to remove her makeup. Coconut oil is very moisturizing on the skin and has a lot of benefits. ( which will be in another post in the near future.) 



Scarlett Johansson uses the natural way to keep her skin looking good, she has ditched the over the counter beauty products for apple cider vinegar, it keeps your skin glowing and clean and it also heals break outs. But be a wear it does have a funky smell.


miranda kerr

Miranda Kerr uses a metal spoon to curl her eyelashes, warm the spoon up with your hair dryer, when warmer enough ( not to hot ) with the back of the spoon push it up against your lashes and leave it there for a few seconds, the warmth of the spoon will curl your lashes. Then apply your mascara. 

Please let me know what you favorite beauty hacks are in the comments below.

hope everyone has an awesome day 🙂

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