4 Simple Ways To Get Soft Plump Lips


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We all want soft luscious lips, not only does it make your lips look great and healthy. Chapped lips are totally the opposite, very unflattering, but with some very simple remedies, you can easily have soft luscious lips.



This is the best way to ensure your body remains hydrated. Hot or cold weather conditions can easily dehydrate your body due to high metabolism reactions. Lips contain the thinnest skin and they will easily become dry and chapped. However drinking sufficient amount of water will help with the condition of your lips.




Many people are very tempted to lick their lips. Especially when they are dry and chapped. But seriously your saliva contains acid that breaks down food, which also irritates your lips. The more you lick them, the dryer they will become. And nobody wants that. So if you feel the urge to lips those lips, just apply some lip balm.




When moisturising your lips, make sure you use an oil or butter based lip balm with at least SPF 15 for during the day. It will keep your lip moisturised a lot longer. If your lips are very chapped, apply a lip balm before bed.





Not everyone thinks to exfoliate their lips, but your lips can build up with dull dry skin just like your face. You need to be really gentle though. One really simple method is to use a weekly homemade or store-bought lip scrub: one teaspoon of coconut oil mixed with half a teaspoon of sugar, gently mix all together. There you have your very own lip scrub.!!!

Gently apply the lip scrub to your lips with your fingertips and scrub the mixture into your lips with a soft toothbrush, (preferably one you’re not using) leave the mixture on your lips for a minute or two and then wipe off with a damp cloth.




There you have it guys, my 4 simple ways to get soft plump lips. Please let me know in the comments below if you already do any of these steps to keep your lips in tip-top condition.?

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