10 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know

Hi Everyone!! I can’t believe its November, where has the year gone.? Does anyone else feel like that.?  

When it comes to beauty everyone wants to save time, money and energy whenever possible. I have gathered some great beauty hacks that hopefully you will find useful.

1. Wait for your mascara to dry before removing it. 

When you get the odd drop of mascara or when you are applying you mascara, the trick is to wait until it dries and then wipe it off with a cotton tip and the mascara should come off with absolutely no smudges or smears.

dry mascara

2. Tame fly-away by using a toothbrush.

When trying to get a sleek bun or hair style it can be frustrating when flyaway hairs refuse to co-operate. Just spritz your clean toothbrush with some hairspray and brush your fly-away in place. It’s that simple.!

hairspray toothbrush

3. Brighten up the inner corner of your eyes.

White eyeliner has been on the makeup scene for a while, but using it the right way is essential. Apply a touch of white eyeliner to the corner of each eye, it will brighten up and highlight your other makeup.

white eyeliner

4. Apply baby powder to eyelashes. 

To accentuate long lashes, use a cotton tip and apply baby powder to your top and bottom lashes, once done recoat the eyes with mascara for a fuller looking lashes.


5. Use orange and green concealer to even out skin tone.

Use an orange and green concealer on the face to balance out undertones and obtain a flawless complexion. When you are done with the concealer apply foundation. If your face is red or swollen, use a green concealer tone. The magic happens when it’s all blended in. 


6. Use peppermint oil for fuller lips.

Next time you apply lip gloss, mix it with some peppermint oil to give your lips  a plumping boost. Your lips will look bigger and fuller instantly.! Cinnamon oil works great as well. 

peppermint oil

7. Apply dry shampoo in the evening.

Washing your hair daily can really dry it out and affect its texture. For the perfect hair, apply dry shampoo before going to bed. When you wake up, your hair will look amazing and have volume.

dry shampoo

8. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair. 

After a shower, grab an old t-shirt, and pat dry DON’T RUB hair dry. This method will help prevent the breakage and frizz you can get after drying your hair with a towel. 

dry hair t-shirt

9. Keeping bobby pins where they belong.

Often bobby pins just don’t like to co-operate. To prevent them from sliding out of your hair, put the bobby pins down on some paper towel and spray with hairspray. This will help by making them stay in longer in your hair.

hairspray bobby pins

10. Get a gel liner from an eye liner.

Put the tip of the liner near a flame for about 30 seconds and let it cool for 5 minutes or so. It will now give you a thick and intense line, the way any gel liner would.


So that is all of my 10 beauty hacks I think that all girls/women need to know and will be helpful for you to use in your beauty regime. 

Please let me know which beauty hack was your favorite and if you have ever tried any of these. 

Until next time 

Kathryn x





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