4 Easy Diy Christmas Cards

Hello to you all..!! Hope you are having a wonderful day.. ? Today in Adelaide, Australia 🇦🇺 it’s like 40 degrees ☀️ So today I thought I would pump out another Christmas blog post as it’s too hot to go anywhere, but don’t get me wrong I love the hot weather but sometimes it’s just too bloody hot. 

So without any further ado let’s get on with this awesome easy diy, that you could make with your children. 




What you will need for this card design is 3 different kinds of Christmas wrapping paper, Elmer’s school glue, card stock (for the card), black sharpie and a pair of scissors( not pictured). 


Cut out 3 different kinds of shapes that resemble Christmas ornaments. (like in the picture). 


Then fold the card stock in half and glue the shapes you have cut out in any order you like. 


After that I just used a ruler and the black sharpie to draw on the string. Then that’s  it your card is done. You can leave it like this or you can write something on the card. 


Here is the finished Christmas card. I ended up using my stamp set to write ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. I think it came out great.!  Will be definitely be giving out these cards to my family. 



What you will need for this Christmas card design is card stock, different coloured sharpies, Elmer’s school glue and black wool. 


Here I folded the card stock in half and started gluing the black wool to the card stock to resemble the sting for the lights. 


After I did that I let the glue dry. Then I started to draw lights on with all the different coloured sharpies. 


Here is the finished Christmas card. I think this one turn out better than I expected. Plus it was so easy to do. 



What you will need for this card is 3 different kinds of card stock, scissors ( not pictured), Elmer’s school glue, small Christmas tree template.(not pictured, but you can get a picture from google) 


After cutting all the Christmas trees out of the card stock start gluing them on in 3 rows with each color on the card. 


This is the finished Christmas card. Again I used my stamp set to write ‘HAPPY HOLIDAYS’ and I also used my star like hole punch to glue on some of the trees for a bit of something extra. 😊 



What you need for this card is your card, green and red card stock, star like hole punch, Elmer’s school glue and red ribbon. 


I cut out all the star like shapes and drew a circle on the top half of the card. With the star like shapes glue them around the circle until all covered. 


After I glued them all on I cut some red ribbon and tied it in a bow and glued it on the holly. 


This is the finished card. I ended up putting a pearl in the middle of the bow. I also again used my stamp set to write ‘ ‘TIS THE SEASON’  This has to be my favorite Christmas card absolutely love it 😍. 

So they are my 4 Easy Christmas diy cards. Please let me know in the comments which one was your favorite.? 

Hope everyone is having an awesome day.! 😊 

Until next time 

Kathryn x 


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